My workshop is in central Cambridge, UK. I focus on making instruments combining a clean, modern design aesthetic with the finest, locally sourced (where possible!) and reclaimed materials.

Typically, players remark that my guitars are well balanced and responsive across the entire range. I believe that the guitar is at its best when it goes unnoticed by the musician after the point of first contact. This is achieved through meticulous attention to the setup and playability of my instruments.

The guitar to me is perhaps the most accessible and versatile musical instrument, and has been a constant companion to me ever since I first picked it up at the age of 9. My love affair with the guitar pushes me to strive to make the best possible instrument that I can. I enjoy exploring new avenues to make the guitar itself be the best it can be. Each element of the guitar is carefully considered from the wood choice, structural and aesthetic design, and executed with high quality craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail.

The onus is on makers to promote the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials. I have been actively engaged in the Leonardo Guitar Research Project which has brought to light the plain fact that great guitars can be made with non-tropical timbers. Understanding the history and provenance of the timbers we use adds to the story of a custom made guitar, and while some tropical species can be intensely beautiful, there's beauty too in the humility and modesty of most non-tropical wood.

In June 2015 I graduated at the Newark College of Guitar Making. In addition to graduating with a Distinction, I also received the 'Outstanding Guitar Making Student of the Year' Award and was invited to join the teaching staff immediately after graduating. I worked at Newark for 2 years before leaving to focus on my own building.

I currently teach at the Cambridge School of Guitar Making, where we guide students of all levels through the process of building their own guitars. I also undertake a variety of guitar repair work alongside my regular building time.

I am an authorised dealer for K&K Sound and Hiscox Cases.

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